Powerful, Intelligent and Strong: Stacey

My secret identity is … yes … I am actually an IT geek.  I know that my writing is all about my bike, my adventures, and my journey.  But, before I started cycling and spending time in the mountains, I was a computer scientist.  This is how I met Stacey.  Stacey is the brilliant leader of the security team at one of the companies that I contracted for.  She was one of my key stakeholders on multiple projects, and thus, I quickly got to know her as an IT professional.  Always strategic, mindful, and very professional, she was one stakeholder that I definitely enjoyed working with.

During our time as work colleagues, I got a glimpse into the many sides of Stacey.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.  I quickly came to realize that Stacey is quite the endurance athlete.  I barely had time to train for one sport.  I didn’t know how she balanced a full time professional career, training for three sports, and a family!!!  Yes, it did appear to me that Stacey was some sort of superwoman who did it all.  Yet, when I asked her if she would have time for a coffee as I was wanting to learn more about how she kept her immune system strong, she didn’t hesitate to say yes.


Stacey knows a lot about nutrition, and is really passionate about sharing this with others.  Keeping herself strong and healthy is a top priority.  Sharing her knowledge with others is equally important.  It seems as though she is always engaged in some sort of delicious, heart warming home cooking with truly healthy ingredients that make you wish you were there.

Stacey takes everything in stride.  She stays calm, and has her priorities worked out.  She knows what is important to her, and she doesn’t compromise.  I think a lot us, definitely me, could learn from her.  As a professional, I could always count on her to be part of a project, a deadline, a meeting, or whatever important thing was taking place.  At the same time, she was very committed to a regular training routine that would see her prepared for her next event or race.  She simply put in the effort and the time it took to plan things out properly.  To make it all work, she was completely dedicated to the plan she had created.  She simply made time to eat well, execute her training sessions, and still be on the ball at work.

It doesn’t stop here.  Stacey is also a super mom!!!  She always seems to be engaging her children in all sorts of activities.  She infuses them with her love for fresh air, activity, and she shares with them her passion for life.  I love seeing pictures of whatever wonderful thing was going on in her household, or whatever event her family was participating in.

It still doesn’t stop here.  Stacey is very passionate about sports.  She is a life long fan, and when she commits, she is in.  She stays true to her native roots, and cheers for the teams that have been part of her life forever.  She has a true appreciation for the athletic ability, hard work and dedication.  Her passion truly shines through as she cheers on her teams.

I was very fortunate to meet Stacey, and to have stayed in contact with her.  Everyone needs strong, committed people in their lives.  Just watching her makes me want to be more committed and get out there and do it!!!


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  1. Thanks for reading 🙂 And, yes, I am really blessed to know so many amazing people. I think that when you open up yourself to adventures, to putting yourself out there, and to making new connections, it is amazing who you meet!


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