The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Outdoor Diva

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a gruelling group ride, sweaty and gross, yet wanting to join in for a post ride beer and pizza?  Have you ever wished at the end of a long day on the ski hills that you could shed your wet layers for something warm and cozy before embarking on the long drive home?  Have you ever been out on a training run, then snuck in some errands on the way home in your less than fresh running gear?  Have you ever headed straight for a coffee date right after a cleansing hot yoga class and wished you could easily transform into something more pleasing?

Are you the girl that spends as much time as possible embarking on outdoor adventures?  Or is your better half the mountain goddess?

Imagine if after a ride, run, hike, or outdoor adventure of your choice, you could easily and quickly shed your gross, wet attire, and transform yourself into a pretty perfect dress for any post adventure activity?  And do all of this in the middle of nature, even if you are surrounded by others!!!

Yes, it is true.  The simply unbelievable Undress allows you to shed your sweaty, stinky adventure gear in public.  It leaves you dawning a dress of your choice from pretty to hippy to sporty – whatever suits your outdoor diva style.  You can wear the dress as is, accessorize it as required, or even completely change into a new outfit.  You can join in for that post ride beer, or grab a glass of your favourite vino with the girls in style!

Check out the Undress site for plenty of demonstration on how to transform in beach like weather.  In this case, the dress is perfect on its own.

I’ve included my own pictures here just to prove that anyone can do this 🙂  If only I had my own personal photographer!!

What about cooler and even winter like weather?  Well, I recently tried this out myself after a longer ride in cooler temperatures.  After shedding my bulkier outer layers, I started the process from my under layers.  It felt absolutely amazing to shed my wet under layer for a dry, comfy dress.  I simply layered on a sweater and some fuzzy boots, and I was good to go!!  You can redress into something more substantial, or simply add as many layers as you like.  Enduring a long drive home from the mountains, or enjoying a brew with your buddies afterwards is now very comfortable!!!


Check out the Undress site for full instructions and many styles.

It’s Christmas shopping time.  Why not treat that lovely outdoor goddess of yours to something she will cherish, or spoil yourself a little!

Don’t miss out on the Undress Christmas Sale!!!

And, yes, they DO have a version for men.  Check out the Undercover.


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