Stepping Stones

Start off the New Year by taking STEPS towards your goals.  What do you really want to take on that you are not currently doing?  What challenge are you avoiding because you are too scared to try?  What dream do you have tucked away because it is incomprehensible, and you don’t know how to start?

TAKE ACTION – Define WHAT you want to do.  Write it down!  Then identify what your stepping stones will be.  What small ACTIONS can you take towards it?  Write them down.  Then COMMIT time.  Find one small time slot in your weekly calendar, and book an appointment – with YOU!!  Start working towards your dream.  Start NOW.

Drink GreenNUTRITION TIPS: Drinking Green!

Have you ever tried drinking green?  If not, give it a go!!  A good quality green juice has a very cleansing effect.  It simply clears out everything that you don’t want, and leaves you feeling clean, vibrant, and tingling with energy!

This is one of my favourites, which I found at a booth at the Calgary Farmer’s Market.  Look for something that isn’t full of juices and sugars.  Find something that is packed full of fresh fruit and veggies.  Give it a try!!

FEATURE RECIPE.  Eat Real.  Eat Fresh.

I like to eat real food, fresh food.  Most of the time, I avoid processed foods – anything ‘in a box’.  In the grocery store, I stick to the perimeter and limit how many ‘middle’ isles I go down.  Keep it simple by focusing on lean protein, healthy carbs and lots of veggies!!

Grilled Bison Steak with Roasted Buttercup Squash and Kale Salad. See full recipe.

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Save time, BURN fat, BLAST stress. Killer cardio is an extremely effective, yet compact workout.  You don’t need much time.  You can squeeze this in over lunch hour, or first thing in the morning.

If Heart Rate (HR) zones are familiar to you, great!! Try this fun, compact workout!

If HR zones are brand new to you, great!!!  If you have a workout watch or device, it may calculate these for you.  If not, use the rough calculations below.  Use your own device and HR monitor to guide your workout.  If you don’t have one, many cardio machines provide an HR estimation.

Use your own playlist, or try out mine.  For songs 3, 5 and 7 you really need a chorus that packs punch.  My playlist will challenge you on the last performance zone song!

Kick Ass Cardio Playlist!!!


Options – Want MORE?  Add more performance zone cycles by adding more songs.  For example, add song 8 for Endurance Zone, and song 9 for Performance Zone chorus.

Options – Want LESS?  Take away songs 6 and 7.  Can’t get into the performance zone?  Work as hard as you can during the performance zone choruses, you will eventually get there!

Yoga MattMENTAL CLARITY: Time to Breathe…

After the Holidays, we return to our regular routines.  We get right back into our busy schedules.  It is really easy to forget to take time out for your mental clarity.  A few minutes to breathe, clear your mind, and focus your energy where you truly want it to be.

This month’s feature exercise will help you to clear your mind of the thoughts that are holding you back.  This will create space for the thoughts that will launch you towards your goals and dreams.  So, get out your journal, and give this a whirl!  Do it as often as you can.  Try at least once weekly – just make a five minute appointment in your calendar.

TIP SHEET - Mental Refocus