Power Lunch Noodle Bowl

Power Noodle Bowl


Rice Noodles – I keep lots of rice noodles on hand.  I only buy the ones that are simply made only with rice (no added crap).

VEG!!!!!  The bowl shown here has red onion, shredded carrots, snow peas, celery and kale.  I keep lots of veg on hand, and easy to use bags of greens.

Protein – I keep grilled chicken breasts in the fridge, and just slice them up when needed.

Stir fry the veg in coconut oil.  Boil water to pour over the rice noodles to soften them.  Add the chicken to the veg.  Add in the noodles last.  Toss in some rice vinegar and fish sauce – lots of flavour with few calories 🙂

This recipe is kick ass after a hard ride or workout.  Lots of veg keeps your body clean.  If you work hard, you need some carbs, and the coconut oil gives you some healthy fat.

This will fuel you up and leave you with a happy tummy!!!



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