Guest Post: Oblivion by Arti

One of the best things about blogging is that you get to connect with such amazing people and some are taking the experience further with things like a guest post!

This ‘girl with a bike’ is one of those people! I stumbled upon her blog through the community pool and she has a lovely site-inspiring and enthralling! And she is continuously working on it to make it even better! As part of this, she invited me to guest post on her site and I’m so very excited about it as this is my first guest post 😀

So for the post, we decided to go for this old favourite of mine (I hope you all enjoy reading it):

Guest Post

I don’t remember when exactly I came across the words, life and death, and the concepts behind them. In fact the only conversation I remember distantly related to this is the one I’m recounting below. It happened a very long time ago, with my dad and I’m using my imagination to fill in the gaps which I’ve forgotten:

Me: Papa, do you believe in immortality, ‘life after death’ or anything of the sort?

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