A Little Girl Terrified of Missing out on Self Realization


Self Realization:

  1. The fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality.
  2. The act of achieving the full development of your abilities and talents.

To completely and utterly become all that you can possibly be – what a concept!  I vividly recall the moment in my life when I was first exposed to this idea.  I was a little girl in grade school and in class one day we learned about the pyramid to self realization or actualization.  It was likely Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or something similar, that we were studying in our text books.  I looked at the pyramid staring back at me, telling me that after my physical and emotional needs were satisfied, then I might have esteem.  Then, and only then, after accomplishing a full esteem, I might be able to venture into the world of self realization.  I remember feeling a complete panic.  What if I never reached self realization in my life time? Continue reading “A Little Girl Terrified of Missing out on Self Realization”