Hot Hot Volcano Hike

It wasn’t the biggest hike I’d ever done. But it was hot, it was humid, and it was hard.The day started with a beautiful morning view of the volcano from the top of the hill where our hotel was situated.

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Who is the Dark Horse

{Welcome to my feature series on those who have inspired me on my journey.  If you missed last week’s post Racing with the Dark Horse, be sure to check it out.}

QuoteWhen I first met the Dark Horse, he led me through a ride that had me digging deep to reach speeds that I didn’t know I could ride at.  He was one of the most courteous, professional and talented riders I had ever met.  He supported me and pushed me to reach further and ride harder.

There is so much more to the Dark Horse. Continue reading “Who is the Dark Horse”

Don’t Give Up On Yourself

IMG_2851Don’t give up on yourself.  No one else has.

If you read my post ‘Saying Farewell to the Silver Strand’, you will recall that I was quite happy about the progress I had made riding the flatter, faster routes.  I was super excited that I had really started to become comfortable riding on my husband James’ wheel.  I have done a lot of riding with him over the years, but the winter of 2016 was the first time that I had really been able to stick so close to him so much of the time.  My Silver Strand post was a celebration of this accomplishment, and also a bit of a sad goodbye to sunny San Diego. Continue reading “Don’t Give Up On Yourself”

A Little Girl Terrified of Missing out on Self Realization


Self Realization:

  1. The fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality.
  2. The act of achieving the full development of your abilities and talents.

To completely and utterly become all that you can possibly be – what a concept!  I vividly recall the moment in my life when I was first exposed to this idea.  I was a little girl in grade school and in class one day we learned about the pyramid to self realization or actualization.  It was likely Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or something similar, that we were studying in our text books.  I looked at the pyramid staring back at me, telling me that after my physical and emotional needs were satisfied, then I might have esteem.  Then, and only then, after accomplishing a full esteem, I might be able to venture into the world of self realization.  I remember feeling a complete panic.  What if I never reached self realization in my life time? Continue reading “A Little Girl Terrified of Missing out on Self Realization”

Getting My Groove Back

It has been over 12 years now since I was introduced to my first road bike.  My bike has literally changed my life, and in more ways than one.  Over the years, it has been challenging for me to maintain consistency in my fitness and nutrition.  The last couple of years have been particularly difficult as I committed far too much energy and time both to support my husband’s intense career path, and to my own career oriented commitments.  I often found myself on the cusp of getting back to where I wanted to be, only to find myself going in the wrong direction once again.  The intensity and level of stress that I chose to be part of was greatly impacting my health. Continue reading “Getting My Groove Back”

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