Hot Hot Volcano Hike

It wasn’t the biggest hike I’d ever done. But it was hot, it was humid, and it was hard.The day started with a beautiful morning view of the volcano from the top of the hill where our hotel was situated.

We took a bus and a train to get over to the ferry terminal. The ferry ride was lovely.

We found a cozy spot at the front and watched the volcano grow larger as we made our approach. I relished in the fresh air and cool breeze whipping my hair. I was really looking forward to this hike. All the hikes we had done on this trip had been spectacular experiences.

Once we had disembarked, we found a store and loaded up with water and snacks. It was a volcano we would be hiking up, and the temperatures on this trip had been hot.Soon we were on our way. I wasn’t totally sure how I would do. I had been fighting a sore throat thing the day before. However, I had managed to get it under control, I had slept well and I really wanted to do this hike. I did not want to miss out on hiking a volcano in Japan.Up we went. The loop we did would result in a 9 km ascent. The volcano is active, thus the road only goes so far. We planned to do the full loop. This would not be the biggest hike I had done. As we walked, we soon began to climb. It was hot. I mean really, really hot. And humid. The wet heat clung to every part of me. The climb was constant. It was hard. We found a flow. I settled in behind, placing one foot in front of the other. I wanted to do this. There is just something so amazing about making it to the top of a climb with my own two feet.There were very few shaded spots. We just kept moving through the heavy, sticky heat. It didnt take me long to be deep into it. That place where nothing else exists but the journey at hand. Each step. Each drop of sweat. Each bird chirp. Each new glimpse at the view below through the trees. Every second counts when you are deep into that place where nothing else matters but what you are experiencing at that moment. I love being there.We made it.

The views at the top were unreal.

A much needed rest in the shade replenished us for the hot descent. Being prepared was key on this hike. Sunscreen, hat, plenty of water were critical even though the distance was short. The climbing and the heat were the challenge. Listening to my body and going the right pace was critical. Sinking into the moment was rewarding. The view at the top was spectacular. Knowing I climbed a volcano on a remote spot in Japan was speical.Watching the volcano disappear into the distance on the ferry ride back was surreal. And looking at the hut we had climbed to put things into perspective.


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