Racing with the Dark Horse

Out we set. Clad in our sleek lycra. Slick wheels cutting the crisp morning air. We were a pack of crazies on a mission to ride.

The pace was at warm up level. But I had ridden with these guys before, and I knew what could happen. I was alert, and I was sure to keep on that last wheel. No dropping this babe so early on.

A few moments in, I noticed a rider behind me. I asked him if he was with this group. Yes, he replied. I asked him if he rode often. He shrugged and casually replied…oh, sometimes. I noticed him dropping back a bit, and tried to keep him in sight. But I had my own concerns of keeping with the pack.

part 1 pic 2

Warm up continued. Until we hit a straight stretch, and we would be going straight for a while. Then, boom! It hit. The pace increased rapidly. I laid it down. I was determined. There was no way I could keep with the pack, but I was determined not to let them out of my sight. Next thing you know, the mysterious stranger was on my wheel. So on we went. I pushed as hard as I could. I struggled. But, I could see them. After what felt like a really long time, the mysterious stranger smoothly shifted in front of me. Oh, my turn to draft! Very quickly we fell into a smooth stride. It became evident that this mysterious cyclist who casually claimed to ride sometimes actually rode all the time. What a smooth rider. I could interpret his every move, and felt myself completely in tune with his stride. Our pace increased. And soon it took all I had to stay on his wheel. My god. How fast were we going? The adrenaline rushed through my veins into my core. My whole being was electrified and my legs weren’t stopping for anything. Could it be? Was the gap between us and the pack closing? As we slipped past the group, smooth as silk, I took a sideways glance and made eye contact with my husband. I believe I had a bit of a smug look on my face. This was one of the few moments in my life when I felt really cool!!!

It had to happen. They let the hammer down, for real. My moment was over. But I continued to push onwards. And soon enough we were at the end.

The way back was difficult. I had used up so much energy on the race out.  But I laid it down as much as I could. The mysterious cyclist had disappeared, apparently to go onwards to complete an astronomically long ride.

part 1 pic 1As I lay on my bed, completely useless from the effort, I giggled with glee as I read a note from my new Facebook friend, the mysterious cyclist. He was thanking me for helping him out in the ride, and complimenting my pace. What a true professional.

It turns out that he is known as the Dark Horse. And, he doesn’t just ride sometimes. All I know is that I had the time of my life riding on his wheel.

I truly believe that in life it is the moments that we completely put ourselves all in that we experience the most amazing things.  Thank you Dark Horse for pushing me past my limits!!

{Would you like to learn more about the Dark Horse?  Stay tuned…}



10 thoughts on “Racing with the Dark Horse

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  1. Cool. Do you only ride road bikes or do you ride other bikes as well? I’m getting back into riding and shopping for bikes. I’m looking at a sweet Trek 820 mountain bike from my local bike shop. I haven’t been on a bike in almost 12 years.


      1. OK cool. Mountain bikes are good for city riding too, according to the bike shop owner I talked to. My small body frame makes it tough to find bikes that fit me, but I think I found what I want. I’ll do some more shopping around and saving up before I make my final decision.

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      2. I am really, really short – only 4 foot 10. I have a Trek Madone Women’s Special Edition. Specialized also makes a women’s fit. I have an older road bike that I use around the city. A good bike shop will have good stock and will make sure you are fitted well.

        Would love to hear about what bike you decide on 🙂


  2. I haven’t ridden my beloved Giant for awhile now but after reading this post, wow! I usually bike on the trails in the park and love how fast one can get from here to there. Hills are hard but going downhill is a blast. I hope to read more about the “Dark Horse”, imagine if we all took on this superhero role how beautiful our world would be!


    1. Hi 🙂 Thanks so much for reading 🙂 I am really thrilled that you enjoyed it and it made you want to get out there!!

      Dark Horse Part II will be later this week. It is people like him that have really helped me in my journey.

      The more you climb, the more you will love it….especially the view at the top when you have earned it.

      Sounds like you need some time with you Giant 🙂

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  3. Wow what am amazing read. Would love to have seen the look on your face as you rode past the pack and smug and cocky haha 😉

    It must be amazing to ride with other people. My legs have started aching just thinking about what you did and me trying to ride with others – It wouldn’t happen.

    Did you discuss it with your husband in respect of the ‘passing’ and what did he have to say? Was it one of shock, glee, an overcoming of pride or …damn I gotta up my game!!!


  4. Paul!!! Thanks so much for reading 🙂 So awesome that you enjoyed this post.

    You know, there was a day when I couldn’t have imagined riding with a group like this. If you want to ride this way you can. There are some really great riding groups out there. The one that I was riding with on this day (SlowBurn) will be featured in my posts soon. They are the kind of group I like to ride with – they challenge you, but they also support you. They ride safely and are always courteous.

    When we passed the group, my husband was impressed. He could see how hard I worked that day and how well I did. Of course, once they stepped it up they were out of site in not time 🙂 My aim was simply to stay with the Dark Horse. I ended up limping back though as I was totally done!!!



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