The Bionic Woman Returns – Cinque Terra



We didn’t know it yet, but, we were nearing the end of a several month adventure.  We had left home with hefty backpacks, planning to chase the pro cycling circuit.  We had seen a lot of cycling races, done a lot of our own riding, and had also found many other adventures along the way.  Coming off of the high of accomplishing some big things in my own cycling journey, I think I was in complete belief that I was the bionic woman!!!

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A New Adventure: Chamonix Part II

Chamonix Town 15

One day, my husband declared that he had read about a hiking trail called the ‘Tour de Mont Blanc’ which starts in France and passes through Italy and Switzerland.  According to National Geographic it was one of best hikes in the world.  He showed me videos of picturesque trails and breathtaking mountain views.  Thus, the seedlings had been planted for our first hiking trip.  Our usual forte was cycling, so this would be a brand new adventure for us. Continue reading “A New Adventure: Chamonix Part II”

The Power of Magical Moments: Chamonix Part 1

After turning over a new leaf in my world of physical fitness by embarking on a hiking trip to Chamonix, France, I found myself in a much needed yoga class.  Lying on my back, I listened to the woman guiding the practice as she talked about how when we are children things are magical.  In our youth, our minds are untainted and open to magical moments.  As we become adults, magic seems to be harder to believe in, and our minds become more closed.  As a tear trickled down the side of my cheek, my being was filled with happiness, and I was overcome with the realization that my magical moments began in my adult life. Continue reading “The Power of Magical Moments: Chamonix Part 1”

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