My First Blog Award!

I just received my first blog award!  I have been working away at my blog site with my head down.  I have been putting in a lot of time and effort in redesigning my site and continuing to create inspiring posts.  I want my blog site to be something that attracts readers.  I want readers to connect with me, and I want every reader to walk away feeling inspired.

Blogging has thus far been a wonderful experience.  I have started connecting with other bloggers, and have found a very strong and supportive community out there.  There is a wealth of amazing writers and creative people out there, all working on their own blogs.  What is absolutely wonderful is the willingness of these fellow bloggers to take time to look at my site, to read my posts, and give me honest feedback.

I have been blessed with a new connection with the lovely Arti, who to my surprise has nominated me for the One Lovely Blogger Award. 

Thank you, Arti, for all the time you have spent reading my posts and helping me!  Check out her site, Stochastic.  Her writing is intelligent, insightful, and creative.

One Lovely Blog Award

As per the rules of the award, here are seven facts about myself:

  1.  My most favorite thing in the world is going on adventures with my husband
  2. I love my bike
  3. I love connecting with nature
  4. I love food, and devour a surprising amount for a small person
  5. I am on a journey seeking inner peace
  6. Two of my most favorites places are San Diego, Calinfornia and Tuscany, Italy
  7. I have a second identity as a computer scientist specializing in network simulation

Here are my nominations for this award:

  1. NatalieYou absolutely have to read her MTV publication.  It is very powerful.
  2. Blisters and Bug BitesTake the time to smell the roses by reading her post ‘Cycling to the Wildflower Patch’.
  3. Delta.  For a reminder of what life is really about, read her post ‘Share the Road’.
  4. ChakulacharohoFor a humbling and hilarious reminder of what we all are, definitely read her post ‘Walk of Shame’.
  5. AnthonyBe sure to read ‘The Magic of Books’ for a wonderful capture of the special moments in life.
  6. Image Earth TravelI highly encourage you to browse the amazing photography provided on her site, and click on whichever adventure draws you in.
  7. Johnny from sci.casual For a really down to earth, and intelligently written capture of how his blog has grown, take a look at ‘…people are reading this?’

I look forward to continuing to meet more of the amazingly talented members of the blogging community!



12 thoughts on “My First Blog Award!

Add yours

  1. Thank you so much for including me. I am honoured and I will do my best to fulfill my obligations. It might have to wait until the weekend, though.
    Thanks again. I appreciate any feedback I get (well…not negative feedback) and I appreciate anything that gets a few people to take a look at my site.


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