The Power of Inspiration

I’m just coming off of a whirl wind four day of attending a local, award winning, writing conference. I have posted about When Words Collide before (Inspiration, Creativity and Community at When Words Collide), but every time I attend I end up completely compelled to share.

This year was my fourth time attending. Thus, only three years ago, I showed up at this massive conference and I didn’t know anybody. At that time, I had written my book ‘Just a Girl and a Bike’, but I had no idea how to put it together and get it out there. My goal was simply for even one person to read it and feel inspired and infused with belief in themselves. Well, I’ll be honest, tears are trickling right now as I write this, because that goal has been surpassed. And not just because I have been able to get my book into many hands of people who needed the message within, but because this time at When Words Collide I had a profound and touching experience.

The second time I attended When Words Collide, I signed up to give a presentation on steps to self-publish. I was terrified – I questioned what I really knew. But, I had learned that this conference was about sharing with each other what we had learned along the way. It was a fantastic experience. I did the presentation the next year, and again this year.


This year, I also signed up to give a second presentation. My bike changed my life. So many years of anxiety, fear, and weight struggles were behind me as a result of biking up really big mountains. For me, my bike facilitated a personal journey that I would not be the person I am today without. I now have a tool box that I can dig into when my thoughts hold me back, when I don’t believe in myself, and when I afraid, nervous, or anxious. I wanted to share.

Alpe d'Huez

I translated ‘climbing a mountain one switchback at a time’ into ‘writing your book one word at a time.’ I was joined by a room of wonderful people. Together, we broke down our mountain (book, story, blog post) into doable steps. We made the incomprehensible possible. We also did several exercises together to clear our minds and to boost our self-belief. We changed our energy. We changed our mindset.

I hope that the people that were at this session read this. I want you all to know that your energy was an absolute boost for me. Your participation was heart warming. I will glow for a long time because of your energy.

And thank you to all of you who let me know afterwards the positive impact this had on you. When one lady told me (something along the lines of) – ‘Thank you – I was feeling bad – I needed that!’ – well – you can’t imagine how that felt.

There is NOTHING more rewarding than putting yourself out there, sharing yourself with others and getting back this loving, positive reaction.

And – thank you to my cheering squad (you know who you are!).

If you missed this – don’t worry – I would love to do it again!!


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  1. Thanks so much for your seminar on Sunday afternoon. It was awesome, awesome. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to go to a blue pencil and you had to start late due to technical issues. I went to your site and got the info you offered and can’t say thank you enough. It was my first time, and like you, I was blown away with the presentations and advice being offered. I am so glad I am a member of a writing group or I may never have heard of this conference at all.

    Looking forward to working through your material as I head for publication. I am self-publishing and I am working with Tellwell in Victoria to get it done. If I had known about WWC I might have saved myself some money and done it all myself. Oh well.

    My book is non-fiction and there weren’t any sessions directly related to that. They had a problem trying to find someone to do the blue pencil. I have five people doing beta reading. Do you think that is enough? If not how many should I look at getting?

    Once again, thanks for sharing. It was fabulous.

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    1. HI! Thank you so much for the note 🙂 I am sorry we had to start late – that was really a bummer. But, please, as you go through the material, let me know if you have any questions at all!!

      Really? They had trouble finding people for non-fiction blue pencil – huh – maybe we can rectify that for next year.

      I didn’t have beta readers for my non-fiction, just a good editor. For my first fiction, I have about five, and I found that to be plenty. Give them a timeline (probably a month is plenty) and schedule time to incorporate the suggestions you agree with.

      I am thrilled you at least go something out of my session!!

      All the best on your self-publishing journey !



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