1. DEFINE your GOALS
  2. Build your PLAN
  3. EXECUTE your Plan
  5. Have FUN!!!

It all starts by DEFINING your MUST GOALS:

  • (M)easurable
  • (U)nrealistic to STRETCH your LIMITS
  • (S)pecific
  • (T)ime based

Watch the MUST GOALS Intro Video.

(Want More?  Making your Goals MEASURABLE and Making your Goals Time Based)

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Once you have defined your goals, you can BUILD your PLAN.

Put together your BUILDING BLOCKS:

  • Workouts to IMPROVE your fitness
  • Nutrition to FUEL your body
  • MENTAL FOCUS to clear your mind and believe in yourself

Watch the Plan Building Intro Video

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BUILD in all COMPONENTS through CYCLES to promote BALANCE and prevent burn out.

EXECUTE your plan day to day.  Follow your plan to execute each piece.

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ANALYZE your progress.  By taking notes on food and workouts, you can perform regular ASSESSMENTS to feed REDIRECTION as required.  Provides INSIGHT to what WORKS and supports INDIVIDUALITY.

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HAVE FUN!!! Celebrate milestones.  Infuse yourself with POSITIVITY.

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