My More Aggressive Twin: Kate

{Welcome to my feature series on those who have inspired me on my journey.  Today’s post is about someone who with intense drive and motivation to overcome real challenges.  If you missed The Dark Horse, Grit and Determination, or a Guide on My Journey, be sure to check them out!}

I met Kate in Belgium.  My husband, James, and I were there for classics week.  We would be attempting amateur versions and watching the real professional versions of several of the hardest one day races in the world.  Little did I realize at the time how fitting it would be to meet Kate in such a setting.

Kate is about the same height as me, or rather, has the same lack of height as I do!  At four foot ten, we can hardly brag about our stunted stature.  At the time, her hair was nearly the same colour and length as mine was.  The icing on the cake was her punchy attitude that matched my own.  She was very quickly deemed to be my ‘more aggressive twin’.  Everyone in the group that we were staying with agreed with this, despite the fact that we had known each other for less than a week.

Me on the left, Kate in the middle, our gracious host Holly on the right.

I quickly got to know Kate as an accomplished triathlete.  It is obvious how strong and fit she is.  And her no quit attitude infuses everything she says and does.  Kate is pure will and energy.  It was immediately apparent that she takes on everything with drive and determination.  She simply goes for it.  It seemed like she just didn’t have anytime to waste.  It turns out, she does not.

Kate has MS.  You wouldn’t know this when you meet her.   You just wouldn’t.  She doesn’t act like it.  She takes on life with so much enthusiasm and will that you simply don’t believe it when you hear the words.  It just doesn’t fit.  It doesn’t even seem to exist.  Everything she does simply does not speak ‘I have a health condition’.  Everything coming from her speaks ‘I am strong, I am able, and I will overcome any obstacle’.

Kate is a wife, a mother, runs her own business, and is continuously training hard and fundraising for her next event.   As all of this is going on, she is completely focused on supporting and encouraging her fellow athletes.  She is constantly raising money for causes.  After every event she thoughtfully thanks every person that helped and supported her.

super-momWhen she isn’t competing herself, she is on the sidelines cheering others on.  And of course, she shares this with her children.  She is a super mom, and infuses her can do attitude into every aspect of their lives.

She is a very dedicated supporter of raising money and awareness for MS.  Kate and her husband created Team Strike Out MS to raise awareness and be a voice for those living with MS. The idea started as they watched Ironman Kona and watched one of the special interest stories about an athlete living with MS.  They both agreed that Team Strike Out MS had to cross the finish line at Ironman Kona.  A small team of triathletes raced in Team Strike Out MS gear and has since grown, now encompassing their local tri team and folks across the country.  Team Strike Out MS is now an official charity with their main fundraiser being the annual crawfish boil hosted by Kate’s husband, Nelson.  The funds raised support athletes racing and those living with MS. They currently have two road race wheel chairs and are about to purchase a trail race chair to get folks out on local trails. The first two chairs were purchased by Kate’s friend and physical therapist who has helped her achieve several starting, and finish, lines that MS might have otherwise taken away.

The cherry on top is the regular stream of posts that she provides which inspire and motivate.  I can’t start reading one of her posts and not finish it…her positivity, drive and pure energy come right off the screen and infuse me.  They typically offer one of her life quotes along with her own practical guidance that you simply can’t ignore.  She is always telling the rest of us not to give up, to be positive, to keep on trying, and to reach for our dreams.  It just feels like she wakes up every morning and thinks what can I accomplish today? 

Her Facebook page is a reflection of her life.  It is plastered with stories about other people’s accomplishments, sincere thank you notes to people that have supported her, and a constant stream of cheers and motivation to her fellow athletes as they take on their own challenges.magazine

It is no wonder why she was featured on the cover of Tri DC magazine.  It’s also no wonder that she recently collaborated in a documentary about Living with MS.  She feels that because of her MS she is in a hurry to do more.  She wants to accomplish everything just in case her time with her able body is limited.  She thinks that everyone should live this way, which fuels her desire to help mind their mind and harness the raw power of gratitude.  She wants to see the good come out of the things that she has learned.

Kate thrives off of others success.  She is real, she is honest, and she always chooses the positive way forward.

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7 thoughts on “My More Aggressive Twin: Kate

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  1. I know Kate and agree with everything you’ve said about her. She’s wonderfully spunky, consistently upbeat and a breath of fresh air to all who know her, especially her family. Thanks Kate for being who you are and doing what you do.

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  2. It’s always nice to know that there’s someone else out there doing things like this to help better the world, no? 🙂

    When you say “twin” you do mean biological twin right? Just wondering cause I got a twin as well XD

    Not sure about the others but I have no idea what MS is and I don’t see it being written anywhere here on this post. Perhaps you can enlighten me on the full term of MS?

    Your pal,

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