Just a Girl and a Bike: Podcast

As my book (yes, my book!! I still don’t believe it, but it IS happening) begins to take life, I can’t help sharing my excitement.

On one such day as I was talking animatedly about my bike, my book, and the mountains at my favorite yoga studio, I was over heard by the right person.  Spencer jumped right into the conversation and took an immediate interest.  Next thing I knew, Spencer and Josie, two fabulous and free spirits, had invited me to be on one of their podcasts!  I was surprised, but delighted.

They said they had read some of my blog material and were truly inspired.  They felt that my message would fit right in with their admiral quest for sustainable living, health and wellness.  The are so committed to their cause that they have create ‘Eco Not Ego’.  Take a look – it is fascinating!!!  Eco Not Ego’s mission is:

  • To motivate humanity towards viable sustainability through innovative product creation
  • To undertake environmental initiatives
  • And to spread the importance of physical, spiritual and mental health (as they refer to as SMPG)

AND – these two are bee keepers.  Eco Not Ego’s first environment initiative is Project Doublebee.  They absolutely know how critical bees are to all life.  If you want to learn more, Spencer recommends reading ‘Bee Time, Tales from the Hive’.  They are in the process of creating a sterile environment in which to keep their honey bioactive, and they are hand harvesting unique ingredients from deep in the forests.  They plan to produce some fabulous hand crafted Xmas baskets.

Have a listen to the podcast: (E5, Discovery: Just a Girl and a Bike)

On iTunes

On Stitcher Radio App

Would love to know what you think.  And, please, leave a review and a star rating – it will help Spencer and Josie with their future podcasts.




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  1. Thanks! After seeing your response I bought a copy of this book and had it shipped to my brother who lives in Newmarket, Ontario. He has kept bees since 1964 and actually heard the author speak at a beekeepers’ conference at the University of Guelph in August 2015.

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