Strength and Spirit: My Warrior Friend

{Welcome to my feature series on those who have inspired me on my journey.  Today’s post is about the strongest warrior I have ever met.  Every time I spend time with her, I walk away wanting to be better.  If you missed My More Aggressive Twin, or Racing and Climbing, Fierce and Strong, be sure to check them out!}

I was sitting at my desk, plugging away, when I overheard a conversation at the desk beside me.  This tiny, Asian girl was telling my co-worker that she had to leave early to get home before her husband completely dug up the backyard with some homemade contraption that he was trying to use to dig a hole.  The passion and energy coming out of this little woman was amazing.  The way she described this preposterous scenario was incredibly entertaining.  Her perspective on it was unbelievable.  I felt like this woman had years of wisdom and experience.  I immediately felt like I needed to know this woman.

Andrea and me at a wedding celebration

The desks were quite open, and thus, it was easy to join in the discussion without intruding.  From that day forward, this tiny woman, Andrea, has been one of the single most influential forces in my life.  There is nothing tiny about her.


Andrea and I shared a geeky IT background, and an aptitude for interfacing between the IT techies and the business side of a corporation.  It turned out that we also shared a love for many things including, but not limited to: goat cheese with honey, sparkly wine, soft and fuzzy clothing and blankets that you can’t stop touching and puppies.

To blow off steam on a tough day at work, we would walk to the mall at lunch and dazzle ourselves with 80s style clothing on sale racks.  We would then proceed to dazzle, or rather scare the shit out of, the IT techies with a fashion show when we returned.  One of our favorite phrases was ‘fashion show at lunch!’

Andrea was one of those people that was destined to be part of my life.  I soon learned that she wasn’t all that healthy.  In fact, she had been through a lung transplant.  I didn’t really comprehend what this meant when she told me.  A few months after we met, Andrea came down with H1N1.  She was hospitalized, and her infection turned into rejection.  Again, I didn’t really comprehend all of this.


Visiting Andrea in the hospital became a regular part of my week.  I remember being worried, I remember not always knowing what to say, but most of all, I remember that it was now completely obvious to me that Andrea was the strongest person I had ever met.  There was one day that I showed up at lunch hour to visit her that will forever stand in my mind.  I walked in, and there she was with one pick line in her neck and another pick line in her arm.  I didn’t really understand this term, but it simply looks like a big ass tube stuck into the skin like an intravenous.  She looked at me cheerfully and asked me how my document at work was coming along.  This was truly one of the most selfless and brave acts of humanity that I have ever witnessed.  And this is how she was the entire time that she was in the hospital.

Andrea is nothing less than a true warrior.

It doesn’t stop here.  Andrea is a super mom and wife.  Her concern for her family is amazing.  She loves them, she nurtures them, and she is constantly trying to raise two boys that will be outstanding contributions to society.

Despite her condition and the regular treatments that she must undergo, Andrea is constantly achieving and demanding herself to be the best person that she can be.  She is an accomplished fighter and has currently committed to Jiu Jitsu.  She is constantly talking about the amazing women that she practices with and shines so much light on all of their accomplishments.  She is an avid writer and is working on a masterpiece.  Her main goal is to share her experience and to help others in similar situations.  Her kindness never ceases.  The amount of generosity that she continuously extends to those around her is outstanding.  She is always supporting, helping out, or consoling someone.  She is very intuitive and has a natural ability to see the light in others and to connect people.

She claims that she is not a free spirit, but I have seen her dance the night away.


Every time I spend time with Andrea, I walk away wanting to be better. 

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