A Fireball, A Fighter, A Friend: Jessica

Pic 1
Jessica (far right) and her family.


I walked through the door and was instantly enthralled with the energy.  The room was buzzing with excitement, and bursting with positivity.  I didn’t know anyone, except the hostess for this most amazing event.  I waited in line, and as I approached the ticket booth to enter, I saw her.  I hadn’t seen Jessica since the first time we met, only about a month ago.  She was smiling from ear to ear, full of love and sincere appreciation for every person in attendance.  She greeted every single person with genuine warmth.  I melted into the hug that she so willingly thrust upon me.  I was so glad I had come.

I met Jessica at a yoga retreat.  It was something that I only recently became open to participating in, and it was a life changing experience.  We sat together at the first meal, before anyone had really gotten a chance to know each other.  We share a gluten intolerance, thus, we were connected by our need to share the special meals prepared with this in mind.  Our bond instantly formed.  She was definitely meant to be in my life.

Through the weekend, I learned a lot about Jessica, and by the time the retreat was over I felt a deep connection to her.

Now here I was, at a fundraiser that she was hosting for the cause most dear to her heart.  She is fighting for her mom, who is fighting brain cancer.  Their situation is heart breaking.  I felt my heart literally ripping in two when I think about what she must be going through.  My whole body just feels terrible, sad, awful…I can’t fully describe it.

Yet, here she was, smile on her face, and shining positivity into the entire room.  I saw before me a blazing fireball taking on the situation that life had dealt to her with such genuine positivity and a real fighting attitude. 

Pic 2

As the evening progressed, I was absolutely amazed at the event that she had put together.  The venue was lovely.  The atmosphere was electric.  The food and drinks were divine.  A very long table was covered with absolutely amazing baskets that had been hand built after hours upon hours upon hours of knocking on doors asking for donations.  There was even a live band who rocked the house and fuelled the energy to another level.



I met so many wonderful people who were so excited to be there to support Jessica and her family.  The warmth was every where.  And the heart of the entire thing was Jessica.  She floated around the room making sure that every one of her friends and family knew how much she appreciated them and their support.

A month ago I met a warm, caring person.  Last night I saw her in her full light.  She is nothing less than a blazing fireball taking on life with a winning attitude.  I am so thankful that she came into my life.

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  1. What a lovely portrait you have written. I am glad that you met and were able to be in contact with this person. She seems pretty amazing.
    I find that life sometimes presents us with people at really interesting times. Recently, on a plane ride from Hong Kong to Saigon, I met a pretty awesome person. She was a world traveler. We didn’t get to talk that much, but I could tell how awesome she was.

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