A Blazing Ball of Energy: Amber

Amber (left), Emily (right) – Founders of High

My friend had invited me to join her at an exercise class that she raved about.  It was a choreographed class, which I didn’t often go to, however, she had convinced me that I didn’t need any specific experience.  She also told me I would have fun and I would get in a great workout.  Sounded peachy.  So off we went.

The minute the instructor, Amber, entered the room, the energy level was raised about a million notches!  In she came, or rather, in she bounced, whooping, smiling, and convincing us that yes we can!!!  I thought to myself, wow, this woman is ripped!!  Within seconds I was PUMPED!  I was ready – for what I didn’t know – but I was ready.  Off we went.

Amber pumped up the tunes.  It felt like we were in a club on girls night.  Then we started.  It was SO much fun, I didn’t even realize how hard I was working until the sweat was dripping and I was breathless.  Fun? YES!!  A killer workout?  Heck YA!!!

From the moment I first met Amber, she has been an inspiration.  Her vibe is always bursting with positivity.  Her energy appears to be endless.  She is always in incredible shape.  As she floats around the room, she makes the most difficult moves look easy, while convincing you that you can do them too!

Amber is one of the two co-founders of High.  Launching off of the belief that her husband had in her, she embarked on the High journey with her friend Emily.  The two of them collaborated and evolved aerobics and fitness into this unique blend now deemed as High.  High started in Calgary, but due to how effective and fun it is, it has spread quickly.

Just watch this video, and tell you don’t want to go!!! It is high energy!

In addition to running High, Amber has two children, 3 and 6.  When asked about how she balances everything, she gives credit to the amazing support from her husband.  He tells her to just do it, and is there to support her all the way.

As I mentioned, Amber is ripped.  Every time I see her, I can’t help thinking how fit she looks.  When I asked her about her routine, she claimed it is simple.  She mostly does High.  Yes, that’s it.  She sticks to 80% clean eating, and 20% fun eating.  She loves a big salad.  She doesn’t drink…there simply isn’t time for it.  High IS her social time.

So, do you want to have a blast while pushing yourself harder than you thought you could?  Then check out a High class near you!!!

{ Welcome back to my feature series on those who inspire me!! I hope you enjoyed this post.  This series was re-ignited with Fireball Jessica – make sure you check it out!! Follow my blog if you don’t want to miss out on future posts: Just a Girl and a Bike}


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  1. Amazing article about an amazing and inspiring woman! She is one of the most positive person I have ever met! “Simply the best!”


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