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The last few weeks of 2017, I found myself launching what will be my biggest project for 2018.  After self-publishing my first book, an open, honest, raw and inspirational capture of my own personal journey, I found myself on the receiving end of some really wonderful feedback.  Those that read my book took away a boost of motivation and were inspired to do things they hadn’t before tried, or had put off doing.  I was asked multiple times if I would be writing another book.  I kept saying that I didn’t know.

After some soul searching, and reflection upon where to spend my time and talents, I realized that I knew I should write another book.  Thus, before the end of the year, I made space in my life, and I launched myself into the writing of my next book.  This time I am venturing into the world of fiction

When I came across the ‘Insecure Writer’s Support Group‘, which was posted by an amazing author who is deeply passionate about helping other writers, I immediately joined.  A monthly post to share about our own writing journey is part of being in this group.  Thus, this is my first post !!!

The question posed for this month is:

What steps have you taken or plan to take to put a schedule in place for your writing and publishing?
I think this is a fantastic question!!!
The steps that I have taken thus far:
1. Created space in my life to write my book.  I examined what I was spending my time on.  I made choices about what to move on from.  I created a regular time each week day to spend on my writing.  It doesn’t matter if I use this time for setting up my work environment, research, reading, or actual writing.  What matters is the time is for moving towards finishing my book.  It is a top priority in my schedule.
2. Allowed the creativity to happen.  If I get a burst or wave of something, I at least take enough time to jot it down.
3.  Set up my environment.  I made space on my old laptop.  I downloaded Scrivener.  I use a MindMapping tool for brainstorming.
4.  Spent time immersing myself into the wonderful world of One Stop for Writers.  If you haven’t tried this – you should!  Tutorial, templates, and guidance galore will help you with characters, scenes, plot, structure and much more.
5.  Spent time doing some preliminary research.  I have listed all of the things I will need to research, and started digging into some of these areas.
6.  Started to BELIEVE that I am a writer.  I have gone through waves of doubt.  But each time, I talk myself through it.  And everyday, when I get going and see some progress, I remind myself that I am going to do this.  And in fact, that I am doing it right now!
7. Reached out for advice.  When I hit a spot where I know other authors that have experience could make suggestions or recommendations, I have reached out.  This has resulted in me finding some great tools (Scrivener, One Stop for Writers), and realizing that I am not alone when I have doubt or questions.
8.  Got into the habit of free writing.  I allow myself to free write.  I also prompt myself to do so, even when I don’t feel it.  I think getting into this habit is very important.
9.  Reflected on my writing process, and brainstormed on what would work best for me.  Jotting down, even in point form, the approach that you wish to take, can really keep you focused while allowing room for your own creativity.
What I PLAN to do moving forward:
1. I have signed up for a couple of writing classes in January.  One of them will require me to submit some writing to a local author for real, honest feedback.  While this may be scary, it got me going, and I think it could be so invaluable.
2. Create a plan.  I do believe in a ‘project plan’.  I have a Excel template that I used for my first book.  It captures the high level steps for any book project, and allows room to adjust the details for a specific project and writing process.  If you are interested, you can find it here: Project Plan for Writers.  Feel free to provide your own two cents as well!!
3.  Continue spending time on all of the points that I listed under ‘what I have done so far’.
4.  Stay committed to the space I have opened up for writing.
5.  Keep on working on my self-belief and truly believing that I am a writer.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got all the elements of a great second book in the works! My only advice, with fiction-writing, and it’s an old cliche (and super difficult for us bloggers): if you’re talking about it, you’re not writing it. Just my two cents, but work hard to keep the story churning around in your mind–in your daydreams and quiet moments–so that when you’re ready to write, it’s in you. If you need any extra advice (and doesn’t sound like you do, really) I just started a writing advice category on my blog. Happy writing!


    1. Oh I would LOVE to see your blog!!! What is the link? I am always open to advice. I have been really deep into research, but almost everyday after working my mind starts brainstorming about the story – so I always write it all down. I have written some of the actual book, not a lot, but, I did start doing more of the actual writing again this week and will keep some time every week for that !!! Thanks so much 🙂


    1. Thank you SO much !!! I really appreciate the encouragement 🙂 I have really put in some real effort, and after being slightly derailed, feel back on track! The writing community is SO awesome 🙂


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