A Beautiful Brunch

The air was electric.  The room was vibrating with high frequency energy!!!

I was a newbie, it was my first time, yet I felt like I had been here before.  Everyone was so welcoming, energetic and enthusiastic!

It was no coincidence that the entire morning was such an amazing experience for me.

I had seen ‘Babes Who Brunch’ float by on social media a few times, and something about it grabbed my attention.  Thus, when a friend told me it was a must try, I immediately bought my ticket.  If this is in a city near you – GO!!!  The Ace Class is where you can find info and tickets.

Babes 1

The space created by Mandy (host of Babes Who Brunch) and the energy she infused the entire room with completely guided me to an elevated place.  If anyone was feeling off or bad before arriving at the event, their entire being would be changed the minute they walked into the room.  The atmosphere coaxed happiness out of everyone present.  The vibe was naturally elevated by so many positively charged beings, sharing, supporting, and collaborating.

Babes 2The entire program was absolutely stellar!!  From the moment I walked in, I was whisked into a series completely engaging activities.  It started with a cheerful welcome from Mandy herself, followed by a lovely mimosa.  Next came a ‘get to know you bingo’ that got everyone mingling around the room.  When brunch was lingering ahead, we were all engaged by thought provoking questions that drove insightful table discussion.  The brunch itself was an absolute delectable delight!!  And did I mention the beautifully set places with pretty pins, pens, and name cards?

Babes 4

I met so many amazing women in a very short amount of time.  The ones that I was so lucky to interact with described themselves as adventurous, strong, nurturing, thoughtful, hungry.  The energy that engulfed me made me hungry too – hungry for life!!!

I met women who called themselves soul sisters.  I met a woman who had fought anxiety and weight issues, found her inside warrior, and conquered physical feats that at one time would have seemed impossible.  I met a woman who gave so graciously of her gifts, helping people new to our country in making the difficult transition.

All the women I talked to had faced challenges, found a way forward, knew who they are right now, and know where they want to go

Babes 3

The main speaker of the morning, Andrea, took us on her own journey full of of perseverance and growth.  But that is a full story on it’s own (stay tuned)!

I had the sincere pleasure of sitting next to Carol from ATB (@atbfinancial).  Thank you so much to ATB for sponsoring such a wonderful event.  And thank you to Carol for sharing her attitude of support, collaboration, and positivity with all the women show attended.

So, to a beautiful brunch, a lovely morning, and new connections!!!

Thank you Mandy!  I look forward to the next Babes Who Brunch!


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