The Writer’s Happy Book

Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeWelcome to my monthly post in participation of the Insecure Writers Support Group (IWSG).  I am still a new member to this amazing group of writers, this being only my third post.  If you have never heard of it, check it out!!!

A special thank you to the founder, Alex Cavanaugh!

A long, long time ago….when my professional career as a computer scientist was just starting to blossom, I was exposed to a brilliant idea.  It was quickly becoming apparent to me that within the corporate world the work environment could be less than morale boosting.  During a professional development course of some kind, I think it had to do with leadership, the instructor shared with us her portfolio.  Yes, a beautifully laid out path of what she had accomplished and where she was going.  Deeply inspired, I was soon building my own professional portfolio, and out of this sprung a side idea to build a happy book!

You see, I was quickly learning that praise and recognition for ongoing hard work was really hard to come by in the environment that I found myself immersed in.  However, there were often little tidbits that came my way.  I decided to take matters into my own hands, and build a book to collect all the great little pieces of happy feedback that I received.  Soon, these tiny snippets became an ever increasing collection.

Thus, when I chose to stray from my long time path in computer science and to realize my dream of being a writer, the concept of a happy book quickly resurfaced.  As all you fellow writers know, the path of a writer can be quite hard.  BUT, when someone reads something that you wrote and enjoyed it so much that they feel compelled to write a review or tell you about it, it is a very special moment.  The people reading my first book are finding inspiration, motivation, and a sense of wonderment in the words.  When someone tells me how my book has impacted their life, I am overjoyed.

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In building my happy book, I returned to Amazon, and found that I had a couple of reviews that I hadn’t seen!!!  How truly exciting.  This activity also spurred me to revisit some of my old blog posts and re-read the comments.  My heart was filled with gratitude, and my motivation to write more swelled within me!

So, consider starting a happy book.  When you have rough day of writing, simply take a look at a few of the tidbits of joy within your happy, happy book!!!


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  1. I love the idea of a happy book! It might be good for my daughter too. She often complains that nothing good happens to her, so if she records all the good stuff it would be a reminder to her. 🙂


    1. What a brilliant idea!! I think it can really help us, at any age, to show ourselves how to focus on on the positive. Essentially ‘rid our minds of thoughts that are holding us back’, and fill them with thoughts that propel us forward 🙂


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