The Space of ‘Being’

Lush forest lined the open stretch of road, winding into the mountain backdrop. My entire being took a long, deep breathe and let go of everything tagged ‘doing’. It was time to be in the space of being.

It has been a busy time for me. A constructive time. A time of pushing certain passions and projects into a new realm.

Now, I am getting the break that I have been craving. The time and space to be.

We hit the road for the first time in a while. We packed up our car with hiking gear and set off on an adventure seeking the wilderness and planning to make it to the beautiful beaches of the Canadian west coast.

Every trip has the possibility of glitches. Our drive started out with me gripping the steering wheel hard, navigating down an unplowed stretch of road in a freak snow storm. Sometimes you just focus and get through to the other side. It didn’t take long to get past the snow, into the rain, and soon to dry roads winding through the lush forest.

I love traveling to favorite places and to new ones. It’s a chance to ditch the regular routine, to drink in new experiences, to sink into natural surroundings, and to let your being breathe. And that’s what I’ve been craving. To breathe.

The first part of our trip found us in some beautiful wine country and catching up with old friends. It was well worth the rough start.


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