The Ebb and Flow of Nature

Travelling has become something very special to me. I love exploring new spaces, returning to old favorites, and being jolted from structure and routine.

When travelling, things don’t always go as planned. This is when going with the flow can be a game changer. Instead of dwelling on what was supposed to happen, letting that go and opening your mind to what is happening can reveal a whole new view on things.

On my current journey, with my hubby, we’ve made it to the Canadian west coast. There were glitches along the way. But we got here. It’s beautiful and totally worth the effort.

It does rain a lot on the coast. We came prepared. We did a long hike day despite the rain. The pathways through the forest make for great shelter and a refreshing, lush experience.

The day after, the rain was unrelenting. We enjoyed a more chill day eating fish and chips, drinking craft beer, and getting cozy by the fire. On these types of days, I read a lot.

Then, we woke to a bright, sunny day. We crammed in several hikes, explored tide pools, ventured into the rain forest, and even had happy hour by the beach. We ended the day with a viewing of the sunset on the rocks by the shore.

As we watched the surfers at sunset, I was pulled into the ebb and flow of the waves. I realized that the days we have spent out here have felt natural. Going with the flow of nature, the weather, our internal clocks, and letting ourselves be has been wonderful.

I’m reminded that even when I go back home, I need to take time like this to let myself be. To go with ebb and flow of my internal guide.


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