Gavia (Italian Dolomites)


Gavia: 25.6 km, 5.5% average gradient, 1404 m ascent

Trip Map

The following map shows where we stayed (Bormio) and which climbs we did while in the Italian Dolomites.

Route Map

The following map shows the cycling route up Passo Gavia from the town of Bormio.  Bormio is quite small, therefore it is fairly easy to navigate to the base of Gavia.

Gavia Route

Climb Profile

Gavia Profile 1.JPG

Gavia Profile 2

Julie’s Tips

Where to Stay – Stay in Bormio!!! It is really easy to access the really famous climbs (Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo).

Hotel – Say at Hotel Genzianella.  It is amazing, and really oriented for the cyclist.  There are facilities to clean and store your bike safely, an in house chef that will fuel you for your big climbs, and a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.  It is family run by two sisters.

The Climb – Gavia is a bit of a brute.  It starts off with long stretches that seem to go nowhere, then turns into steep, unforgiving switchbacks.  It is barren.  But, it is beautiful.  In spots where it is getting tough, dig in.  You will not be disappointed when you make it to the top.  Once you see the lake, you know you have made it!

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