For the Love of Brugges

If you’re familiar with the story of just a girl and a bike, then you’ll recall I had only a quick one night affair with Brugges during my cycling adventures.

There are some places that just make your soul feel warm. Brugges is busy, but it’s beautiful, friendly, and a lovely place to spend some time.

There are three things I highly recommend. The city tour walk. The unique and interesting bars underground in cave like structures with massive high end bottled beer lists. Take time to breathe, the aura of the city is amazing.

We did a city tour hike two days in a row. Ar 19 km, it’s a good hike that can be done in under two hours if you pace well. The entire time, you are on trails and pathways, and even find yourself immersed in forest. It’s a beautiful way to see the entire city in a short time, and it leaves you feeling invigorated. I’ve attached the map below.

I did take time to breathe. Brugges has that effect on me. One of my favorite moments was when we visited the Beer Wall. When we walked in, I wasn’t sure. I had picked the place. It was bustling. Dance music was pumping. We got in line and quickly noticed the multiple bottle lists with high quality beer.

I slipped out to the patio on the canal and luckily snagged a spot, leaving my hubby to choose the beer (he’s the expert). When he came out with a bottle of Cantillon and two glasses, my heart sang. When the people at a table right on railing left, I was ecstatic.

There we were, drinking a bottle of lambic beer (my favorite), watching the boats go by. What a lovely moment. One of those times when you are completely present.

There are so many things to experience in Brugges. I fell in love with the Gothic architecture. We found ourselves in some really interesting places. Because the architecture is so old, a lot of brick arches, restaurants and bars have a unique vibe.

A special moment was going to La Trappiste. It’s in an underground cave like structure. Don’t be fooled by the beer on tap. Take a look through the bottle list and try something delightful. Once you’ve had trappiste beer, your idea of what beer is changes forever. Trust me.

Have you ever been in a place that just makes your heart melt? This is Brugges for me.


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